Sunday 25 January 2009

Sufferin' in analog, the letters never. Leaves shadows, branches extended from the main source.
Remove a face, duplicate. A person, a way of being that traces. Outlines of voices creased and perforated. A time grafted flash of varying axioms and physical entertainment.
Food and Conversation.
The rows of words come to a head. From a lineage scroller derby. A reed twisted by the owner of Popeye's corporation's speedboat. The tools supplied by rich hands extensions into another's fast packaged life. Exacerbate the credit referential overlay of seventeen expressions.
Exploration's deliberation an awareness, that American. Horizontal common denomination of lesser things,acceptable tastes. And i see you reading this. Comprehension has a one piece chair and table to introduce.
Acceptable tongue to roof nail to a crossword.
Intentions nodes and file sizes stretched while
puzzle pieces lose the width of the blade.
Okay. And here's where the definition of the word
definition is drawn on identity.
Oopsie was a gerund of a teddy bear
with a cloud cafe addiction and in the future
flowers between his toes.
Uhgbee was also a stuffed bear,
with competition in the special day's fields,he spiked Oopsie's
perpencity for giggling and falling over

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