Sunday 25 January 2009


The room
when s/he enters it..............................................what has subjective value.
takes on the
full square
relaxed...........words must,letters must
....................the reader greedy
(stops and notices yellow leaves fall thru sunlight)
speaker easy
give your life

WEDNESDAY: Once atonip climb
In a sense, everything glanced over for ten years was reduced to the category of tendency. So it goes on and on,the same cycle. the shed in my hallway is a memory.
absolute jen you whine and chronic greed for know.
so i lumbered with twisty blue rings,stolen and stained from anger.
a linoleum nightmare of spots on the ceiling. anti-words aren't better than.
whatever it is you do for a living.
sometimes i be sitting like you know
rotten party
vaguely reminder sick way waterslide birth.
torn route divided by energy. and heavy, dude.
wake forth the tunnel sloution. put your finger in it.
triad wings in scale will tell waves. or something like that.
blathering accident standard murder in the mush rue.
balance sing axed. type writer.
THURSDAY: my frend gets along he likes arf
can't we all just git r dong. Stop: There's something so primal, so urgent, about this song. I love it's energy, and it's definitely one of the most influential songs of the last 15 years or so.

Pack of wild maltese shaved for nancy palins trickle down syndrome. i like to write about poetry.
stand up conics like zach galifianakis are deuces.pigmy skates page the word within the word document every covered wall with yr own eye pdf freely. jay peg and people choose like people who are like it. jeffy writer chooses jeff.
One dark and sonny share and ode:brow spots on the wall. bowrn spoots own the wor. on durgs.
elle dee and s armour. menstruate there rod of lordly might and plus one dag

her knees bent.the subtle curve of her fifty seven inch neck.

Seamen! off shore a lee. oh roses by the speach before the texy.
i once slapped,not touched a perpetual motioned walrus belly full of tattoos i love you so much
in my deepest eyes,my love dreams of your heart.

puppy just loves it when he's loving loving it. I car rumble mode off the dryer lint purple savage and did you know that jeffrey dahmer.fred. that's incredible!

oooh kay said the bull to the court recorder with hair. he shot the effing court recorder. i heard the recording. i wonder if she typed: aaaah! don;t shoot me! fumble joe thiesman award for best video on ewe tubetops rotten. and superficial. i forgot about the superficial..what happened?

A Criticiscm of : a anecdote

is bad stuff,man. I don't dig that shit. Double you tea eff? Like,its so base. But trad I can trace agnst the child. In your face!It keeps its distance with a system of touch. With two fort in the (past now just how) large wont what lost No no no have you yes ambition. funny how. it doesn't make any sense. Its so childish. really. Its not like using the internet is cool anyways. You'll believe an overweight bear if you believe this tripe! Something happens and im tongue over ears,i never find out til i listen dont read.
FRIDAY: fouRralff
Barney is singing the I Dream of Jeanie theme in Homer's vision.
He smashes into a locker and lands with a calculus text open over his face.
Hey! Boo.
FALL. Just Like Heaven
30 foot Boogers No heaven
will not ever Heaven be;
Unless my cats ..............................................are there to welcome me.
it looks more he just took a good swipe in the nose.
Jesus and Lydia .......................................had her hand over her heart,
her eyes wide.
I’ll give you brownies famous french fashion design.
Tart 'N Pencil Erasers,
only much much smaller
and cuter. Cubed Death
Certificate with a calculus text open over his face.
I hadn't seen that shit in a minute!

Elevated pipes covered with black tape,
cinder-block houses with rocks holding.
Liberals may warn against social Darwinism,
but the replacement they also knew it. would
eventually deflate, as bubbles always do post-
college days! Seriously.

One time an Arab threw a cinder block at us as the guard watched.
The power of love is a curious thing
when sucking on chili dogs outside the tastee freeze.
The only glitch was when my prime spot
was usurped by a table of pumpkin know what im talkin bout.
straight trippin reagan.
Has not forgotten the humiliating defeat.

masquerading cordiality
meshed in stupid peacefulness
beat and burning . a squirrel in the attic.

supported by funny anxiety.
snowy. a new stereotype.

curing a future murder.
and the poor gave in balance.

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