Thursday 1 January 2009

The Colloquial Sham Dharma

Kharma pulls tunnels into the idiosyncratic future,twisting electric nipples until they confess. Wicked with derision and mars explorations like art critic's expunged systematic emancipations,a pilgrimage to eunoia deflates the slowly turning around barge of a teddy bear named after a new president.
So the closer grasps wisdom,if it will. It shatters egos and carcasses pile the pages of comic books. Figurative fingers challenge the loose frozen rings of heaty things. A circumstance exacerbated by fallopian torniquets & handsom milk carton quality reprocustions. The people in the streets and outside of the gallery systems charge forth into a whimsical cyclic unity. A charred circle. Fathoms beneath all of this, a circus clown carves a new pumpkin in new york's halloween burrough. Meanwhile,los angeles finds its own old faithful as citizens dangle their wallets off a virtual white cliff of dover. The chevy show vomits prescriptions into a new future. Gastrically defined by divine providence and golden atriums,all sustaned b a credible shower curtain made of money.
Tackle the ball,not the hater. Wax sandy stomach fish into the unchanged grease of commercialism. take a stand for formal handymen. The pencil's edge is painted by other pencils. Sojourn of an american history's ex-spouse designs a bigger washing machine and we all used our best friend's hot water up.

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