Sunday 25 January 2009

SUNDAY: metanega (on a tear)ritive Skipsskipsskips (the past)
Conveenyins. (n (out of)sync)lovr, uv all -haver uv nuthin -what a metaperspective.
Faux br'er ft (or why i am so wise)
sweet lbrl teats run dry. or - a Babbling rvr Brick in YouR Own wndw. convenient.
physical violence doesn't have to touch. pop's clchr cold shldr jean pull/ richyoull.
always be jealous.
so sigh (and have) tea (in yr face with ache to owe,oh no!) times up.

Th sin. I. C. ntnsv Lee. Give back to grass for feats to eat what you breath.
A stationary body is a levee (berlin wall?) of space.
Squatwars: The return of the Memeyeself&I. Dig oh blog training-
on monopolitico strings little green n.v. sez , " why you fail".
Poor Mo' Dense-isms on me. in loose torn Deaf Lyo tards.
cest bon blow me. steal whores you write. unwanted.
Chrn bnded (callous!)nee sez-" is that 2 much to ask?"

Twster tny fsts in stale smoke's scanner poorly
fillup (or dont) yr gut. aaaaw,it's ooooh K, Dick.
Feigny packed daring machine. Atticus Pilch masticates on the broad hips.
So... Sidewalks See? a Flaneur Faux Webby txt. U C.?
(it's for the people)
uh huh...(chew gum hear and listen)

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