Sunday 25 January 2009

November 12, 1987
MONDAY: failed artists do it better

atlanta needs a new lie,the new dream
The pink splatter of day-glo paint on a brickwall. Offset with a sickly deep green letters.
.................ATLANTA NEEDS A NEW LIE...............
.........................THE NEW DREAM...........................
bREAKIT brian stepped out of the beauty parlor, he had just given burth to a gurl.
Saturdays always made him feel like
working. so
he went into the office for a bit. one of the board of directors was making moves,some sort of a hostile take over or something.
so breakit brian left his seat and walked over to the door.
He opened it and took steps to leave the room. As he did so, he shifted his body to pull the door shut behind him. Breakit brian stood in a large marble corridor. it always echoed when he walked in his dress shoes in here. Fortunately he had on his sneakers today,he thought briefly of
the emptiness of the halls. the inactivity of it all. he needed some drama and just as he thought it, it was delivered.
from around a pillar, what appeared to be a living sabertooth tiger padded its way towards him. It had on a bib that bore the words, I HEART NERDS.
bREAKIT brian turned to go back into the meeting and slowly opened the door. the tiger sat down and watched him. it licked a paw as brian shut the door and returned to his seat,his cubicle key jamming him in the thigh as he sat back down.
"pardon me" He said and picked up a pencil in front of him and began to fidget. The man with the stick thing in his hand and the overhead projector squinted at him and returned to his well rehearsed words.
In fact,the man's name was Larold Damm,and he had studied hard to memorizre his proposal.
oh pun tork to nide
torpor struck dumb
in the presents i isnt
decided against it in
an instant it went
disguised as nice guys
wolf node tube you lark
calm sard ermines season
yule nook in worship
i was pretty certain that they were saying things to other people about me
so i bought a ninja uniform
it fit him okay.
the conversation from early started to take on new meanings.
it was something to think about,instead of right now.
were we supposed to hang out? am i doing anything right now?
noooope. not really.

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