Sunday 25 January 2009

Two day I am a saying, that it said it went away and went away to
turn to say it saw it turn into a web, a fractalizing page saying surely said
I said that it said we, and in so saying we trailed off in multi-way to say.
See yourself alone,together in this way and observe subjectively. As a way. It
sees a world, a monitor wake up, then later it is deep research in a net.
For seeing information speedily hasted is subjectively what it's for.

Down a long path a blurred wordless focus.
Focus on yourself to
find,Missplld is the way to society communicates
is a way to say
a list, a thread, 'lectric rabid teeth, it's the common man is likely said.
Hyde in plain site,the faces on the net.
The value owner of thoughts for
you're the luckiest man alive. You have to believe that
i really cant spell it
for rawness disarms the honest
bite of searched light friendly internet

Observe the sale,sell the winds,
and see yourself rolling in it
from your friends,yr strangers lungs it real time to already say
a given gift it slips and disiminates
Foe cuss, dammit. It's about me that I am writing. Clumsy purpose.
Is this on a bus stop wall? A proper pause for thaught two day is my way.
My two days four tomorrow bore my anticipation.
Across letters in someone else's sea squints
listing vomit.

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