Sunday 25 January 2009

wednesday february 2009

POEM: by der floodgate ist kaput!
ten minutes to wisdom,
ass haulin'.and then take a left
over and done with
outdoors of her purse
'cept shunned cumbersome
times it's like a knife

flowers on ice crushed longneck
aid rubbing
under a red light
house over triangles in the ocean
guide me
pushing space my body rest
less is more

a door a bull
a can
deed store charges your sweet
tooth glass men
age near me
and wait to
sea changes

door prize friend lies
incensed to kill with care
english to yr english dont con
neck to neck
what the heck
freak respect thoughts project

dry erase
dry mount
a door a door a door in space
these times
it apostrophe ess 'bout
titles care ring in the swing
of things
with the gloves off
full of blue skies
and great relationships.

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