Thursday 15 January 2009

Quuen's Eungrishtlee

Hard ache in the side times the wire,filled with scales refracting in the sun. So what? Trust the president's cavalcade to triumph in France,a stance on passive insistence. Tomorrow cucumbers,tomorrow. Taste retrograde notebooks with My Little Pony halftones-and those little spiral shreds of lettuce(for the cucumber).
Carbon dating used to transit the Brooklyn heights sound effects, rumbling over a cheap motel with a stingray fastened to the seat belt.
Trust a mother's instincts in big blue eyes. The spreadsheet has data based on those really sharp tacks used to hold carpet in place. Busted pipes and rusty waxy blood in yr cold ear. Walt Disney. Grilled with an arc, a spirally jetty consumes flames and detects things with antenna. Governor mustard has a friend named tremble. You should see the Louvre in May. Incarcerated with a long term prototype,the turtles ancient eyes resemble cow.
And another thing to send you wasted into the day - users removing chain linked fences in the cold data transfer of a usurped expressionist painting. Mr. Tipper trains a flower to rumble through the conveyor axis. Organized flight plans twenty clicks above the do long bridge. Sinister,its eyes moved across the scorched landscape,yodelling about a soar throat into a braided canopy.
Sappy, he knows the smell fills the air. Purple bottles lined up in the California rubbish,emanating integers into the astronomical units of other salt shakers.
So lookit,yr check account is overdrawn and sums of torture are connected with fleshy wires.
Canned peaches. Alligators and allegory of the bipolar religious patient and poet. Angels noose a blob around the perimeter. Carved partitions with braided fingers.
Coupled with all of that is a migraine.

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