Wednesday 28 January 2009

happy thoughts are somewhere.

This includes you.
Atlanta...not a single soul amongst this entire art community matters,not in the you sold a couple pieces? so you had a good turn out? all yr friends showed up? and oh
need i forget, all your " friends " showed up. you got the big review. now yr a household name. people talk about you. the only influence you have is over people willing to play into the lie. and lies reveal how tenuous they are by the action it provokes in the end. ask em' to do something. go ahead. see if they show up. they will if they think it'd be cool to show face for a sec.
Now. beyond some lip service some name thats oft repeated in an empty fake attempt to mimic something that matters.for a few months,maybe a year....and then what?
even the people who appear to matter are hiding behind layers of pathetic lies. they're almost the worst, a list of excuses.. why they can now relax in their castle,they paid their dues in the fucking 70's or 80's. uh huh.
fuck you. so now what?
oh i know..but there's the art. ignore my ranting.poor confused eggtooth,hes just bitter. ignore him,hes just causing a scene for himself.. its art...uh huh.the art is what matters. right? and theres so much gooood here. i see "cool" galleries struggle and shift and squirm in their hipness until what..the day comes. they fucking close.
so faces blur into one another..try to help rearrange the deckchairs. another name, another location. same shit.same people. same mistakes,breeding in new faces to give them nothing to work with.
how sweeeet.
wook at yr wittle art. lets go see miss hotshot big name's show and be seen and admire her great art.
lets bitch about those that have money. its the hip thing to do
...i begin to think that its those that make money that have it figured out. i mean, if yr gonna be a fucking phony, might as well be able to travel to Alaska with it. live yr life. love yr blood relations. fuck community. fuck art community. its about money baby. my money. i take what i can get,a damn all those other fucks .i'll nod at their shit art as they wate thier life away.
lets bitch about those that dont have money
lets bitch because we dont have money
if yr happy doing yr thing in some sort of refrigerator art, "hey honey look at my article in the fucking thin paper way, then knock yrself out, cuz even you, at the end of the day dont give the slightest fuck about anyone but yrself.
whats we dont actually challenge ourselves with each others work
we nod at shit. and believe me..i know. why?..cuz ive found myself doing it to your shit while watching everyone else do it to shit. im just as guilty.
fuck! no more! i give a poo if yr fay fucking gold or if yr aaaw!poor rough and tumble it validates my honesty cuz im broke an so therefore it must be good artist. or if you got yr degree and know how to write "correctly" for the cool publishing mag or the cool paper. you read all the deep shit. you can spout off the names and the theories...yawn. you still stand for nothing.
influential and admired atlanta artists? meetings for meetings sake..thats the cool thing to bitch about. aint it? bang up job its done so far at motivating more folks. lets keep making the same mistake from here til 2028, why dont we? but'll be dead then. and all yr oh so important knowledge will be lost..for dumbasses like myself to pointlessly learn again and again. that is, if im up to filling yr high and mighty britches.
wait til somebody just stands up and bitchslaps everybody with art that matters.
even here and now..this is supposed to be cool,what im doing? right? im so edgy.ooooh.
fuck yrself.
empty gestures. i know i know, be happy. make yr art...yadda yadda
it's real here. it's honest. we have the chance to make it different..
nope. look again.
who would you follow with more than yr goddamn tongue? to what end do you actually give a fuck?
heres my end in case you hadnt noticed. a fucking keyboard. why's that? i know yr all a bunch of shiftless turds. only thing you get amped up about in our art community is gossip and negativity. so here ya go! a bunch of dirty words! it can help you dismiss me as base and just plain rude...
fuck you. yr daily actions are what is rude.
oopsie! is negativity what im doing?
please. those that know and are no hogtied and ball-less..pass on yr knowledge if yr not going to use it..okay>>>> godfucking damn you to hell. sleep well!
this city's scene is vapid because of you. fucking cowards. high and mighty cowards.
cuz yr all afraid.. you dont get it. actually,the sad thing Do get it. far better than i do,im sure..which makes you all the more responsible.
make yr art about this!

you know...even the folks basking in there idea of what they are have become complacent. its their challenge. if you think you got a name..try and do something with it beyond just growing old and maintaining.
hypocritical phony. making the same gestural "mistake" over and over. yr as bad as a crooked politician.untouchable behind layers of "fake made real" perceptions. so you hide,and enjoy your part. yr part in damning atlanta's art community to where it is.
fuck you.
there's not a soul in this city doing art that means shit..why do i say that? because of you. you deflate it. as great as it is, much of it,you kill it.
theres not a soul running or organizing any art related venue in this city that means shit
because of you.
all of you seek to fill an idea and just coast..i know, i know..back to yr art,right?
it's art that matters

that's what im talking about, idiot.
so go have yr big group shows,charge yr covers so you can get some fake idea of important folks to swish around.develop yr image.
but remember.
clean up after them at the end of the night.
and i hope it was a blast. cuz it's all you got.

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