Sunday 25 January 2009


THURSDAY: Let's be friends and kill art.
Concocted fry height hot zips zip while shudders go click click. Sip on crits and reinforce your derision,the commodification of momma's milk.

I don't know, explorer toes through gallery halls and people before art we goes. So it sits and rots under the same sun. In the ancient chapter you red faced phonies pull pits of opinions.

Chapel chaff bees sing about crashers disease,Worker applications branch whispers about the marble dirt covered halls. Painters clean their brushes in Art Blogs of the 22nd century,long afer humans are gone.
Stalled out for four seventeen.Waiting for something to happen.
For new baby's breath's pay check the shot clock chock full of technique and knowledge.
Full of express in your wake.

Anti-lycanthrope skin so soft tea time the tame fool moon.. and two and half super stars.
One wishbone ,cheap lip balm,and a template.
Amphibian cubicle eyes categorize and elaborate artsie lies.
The street aint valued in the street it experiences you. White walls creep with pre-definition of need simplified and cheapened. Let's be friends and kill art.

Wrought quarters live or real, real life or experience,expressed it person,expressed it given,it's a given you're given to a sickness. Make me like you.Not your art.
File a faint bio degree and read. I just like looking at this. Yeah. Write.

Jury zero retires,quota lurches, diss it stick it sticky stint hanger space care taker, calls it amazing and tells somebody. Amazing humans stare at themselves in the end. With careful crafted wit and navel gazing races split.
The flower glib technique boredom day lily reminiscent wishes wilts in the sense that there's no escape anymore anyways. So say it and don't complain. You gotta be yourself.

Clueless anti gone or rest ease in the now,bow will movements, to curators' chafed cock sucking knees,grows on trees are flung upmosted sir cumberbund stance the wine glass.

Sew the what with homecraft foe honesty schticky business. Dollar daze are here again.
It could say,ribcage pilch the heater mizer,roly poly was a bear,portune it rate,ask eight as skate a manatee dance.or whatever nod off. and now it's now it's gone. It's so important.

Your funuffle fill in the woops account for nice a tease,it aint art. Bumble clouds. And yellow is a reason to just be supportive.
Laptur lick tung oil your asspike vanesque exit to society net works the seen.
Hurnufter worse. Jungulated nurburgber menever. Flowtated drywall horse torniquet. Ballast drat withstand the price sheet. sell her door. Her bunny obsession,his filterless dervish slings whatever.

Did he diss she did it make sense or was it over your head?
Culture starts with family.
Do die deck tickle limbic. Ghost zone foe bur woon. Dop zaminy lined pages scrawl sin niche hurt, and this or that,it's always the same.Dock torn weighting rue.Ubber ubber what's that cat's name,the doggie.Wone true groofe thrumps and hard ice tyrants two burnt sandle skipper wrinkle.

Oh no, it's slobbered a truth. Kolt naz dacker read. I agree naked horseback beliefs.
Threw all treats and sweaty honest efforts, Jury Zero nulls the bottom line with a hostile take over.
Gabba alpha eugene nordic evil was a pink cake in comparison to what we've done to ourselves.

Dipity dot and encumbant jiminy. Glip stir rinded fastener hemen artist statement.
Mat stiruv never enough thujone to eat eat eat verse us would words. Gee.
Uhnume ick extack hitter on your bullshit gallery system. Die fan you'll lean by morph oh zeit.

Cutternest stipulated frenzy knee hum statch youths backed up stand still an say empty.
Myopic flavor weather for a global warming buy pole art cap to shove up.
vibe dib you bus. callimetastic janswer. nero pappy june. sand bur class is fashion.
I donut lie kuh muse sick in galleries..
Can sir is nice, to call this art. Qwerty loiter loyd ter oyster it up blue beard blue balls hides behing blogger walls, a pearl?
Biblio man, ton ex-ray graphic caring touchless charter unbuilt atlantis away. Hoe zine drum eye's woody stickit where the sun don't shy.Iber passage ruffian shadow wasp. Sigh burdillity earns ire anonymity. Fool of it. Art.

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