Sunday 25 January 2009


Exist as temporarily and as tangible as ever. Exist in a solidifying form, in the minds especially of those who pretend to not hear or see or feel what you do. Those that truly do not, and seem to know better, are all the more responsible. The ignorances of art, the beauty of art, the denial of your own process, as you wade through different venues with your work. As you go to different venues seeking amazing work and more importantly...honest work.
Atlanta has much to offer because of its perceived artistic and cultural status. This expectation or predispositons disarms a certain air to art,bringing it closer to you. Any environment in Atlanta galleries that attempt to suggest an air are false and this smears the work on the wall within. This is your judgment to carry out and it must be done with a surface level awareness. Without shame or fear. Turn and leave if any part of your body senses an idea or perception you have based on other preconceived models. The duty of the venue is to represent the work as the artist intends it.
There are still challenges that anyone can help with. ANYONE. In its fundamental stage,it is neutralized of the closing of its circuit .We have many with a supposed name and a supposed ely perceived respect who are snowing you with an air. Look to their work, Look to who they represent. Look to what they represent. Those to those whose names you respect ,you must look to them and expect more. More for what they think and feel should be done in our art community. More for whose art they love. Look for leadership. Suggest ideas UP to those you respect. They are not going to do anything to help you or in their own comfort and arrogance,ultimately themselves. They are afraid to call truths. They are only concerned about themselves.
To say you do what you do for yourself is a beautiful thing, but the moment you step out the door with it, know that you cannot remain in the dark for too long. To show you care,to expect care in return, means a highly individuated process of self realization must take place.There is no intention with art free from this.
There are those struggling and there are those profiting. They are both equally subject to the judgment that they themselves are required to hand out. It truly is about the art and not the individual. Engaging in the community is about love and the love requires a certain degree of vision and honesty. Do not read names printed and expect they mean something. Find your own names and praise them. Praise them openly and passionately. Find your own expectations relevant. Find yourself relevant. Find yourself participating in an art community because you care about the art.

eggtooth ist silly.

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