Sunday 25 January 2009

Not a soul expected the unfurling weird sideswipe that The Legion had in store for Atlantis. An all out assault on the mother of all art opening nights. The current seemed gentle enough and the usual buzz WAS on the air. Tonight the sweaters were out and people were bundled up.

Breakit Brian looking like a famous rock musician,literally had a couple of girls on either arm. A few well dressed ruffians followed with Pentagram Boy at the end, he held up the back of the meandering posse. He slurred and staggered, muttering the most creative things Atlantis would ever experience. Unfortunately, a jellyfish expanded and distended directly thru the words, consuming them and passing them hours later in the back of a cave in Cavecatur. Just as quietly and as blurred as they had occured.

"I'm going to try that spell tonight" Breakit Brian told Jajean Slowtrough. She was a bizarre lady,originally from somewhere near the equator. She smirked at him,recalling the deplorable pronunciations he had exhibited earlier.

"Maybe. If you wanna try that one, you should let me do it." She rubbed his back with fingers that felt like octopus suction cups,or a joy buzzer. She clapped her other hand with finger cymbals and waved to a friend across the gallery as they walked in.

"C'mon ..I got it down. It's the best poetic transferance of art into magic I've ever seen."

"And how many have you seen,Brian?" She stepped away smiling back at him and turned towards a group of people. They immediately broke into a conversation that momentarily upped the red bars on the equalizer. Pentagram Boy shuffled past Breakit Brian with a bleary sneer and kept going. Straight for the free wine table, he seemed very purposeful and direct in that intention. His crowd had seemed to disperse before he had a chance to notice.

"Forget this." Breakit Brian scanned the wall for art he liked and found all of it truly amazing. A movie ran in a corner and even from here he was stunned stopped and staring at some fascinating imagery. A repetitive warning sound wailed with it. For a moment there, he wanted to weave his way around,smiling and nodding,to check out the art. But instead, he scanned the room for those he knew and then turned to go outside.

Jangelyane Gallery had a decoratively landscaped backyard that never seemed used by patrons. Ultramarine seaweed patches imported from Shambalabama. Shell paths with footbubbles and human faced fish on strings. The Ultramarine seaweed gently drifted in the breeze, massaging the shoulders of anyone that walked near it. This particular seaweed whispered reassuring words into the ears, intoxicating its guest,making them feel as important and loved as they needed. "Relax and love art", they would also say.

Pentagram Boy pulled out of his back pocket the book he had transcribed the spell in. He had written the word in all lower case letters "the legion's glass" and beneath that the words "athucra min cios". Afterwards followed a series of phonetic pronunciations of various human languages. Symbols comparable to what the supposed Visitor had found convenient. A grey shape in the shadows, or so they had said. It existed through everything evenly as it wished. It was a smile today. A person that loved art, it was always part of something that somebody somewhere considered art. A piece of art it itself could never be, connected indirectly to The Legion, it loved being released on the rare occassion it had the opportunity. It was not a reaction, or a living experience that inspired creation. It was not a creation in itself. It was both. Often it was a bizarre encounter that shifted too many things for too many at once.

Breakit Brian noticed Pentagram Boy conversing with someone emphatically. The listener's back was to him,nodding subtly,an often raised arm suggesting drinking sips of a drink. Breakit Brian found a chair next to a speaker drifting the sounds from inside to out made you feel somehow even further away from everything. It wasn't too loud and he tuned it out, thumbing through his book in the corner of the yard.

Breakit Brian took a breath and looked around to see if anyone was paying any attention to him. it was the last thing he would remember until he reexpereinced it all again a week later. Then things frustratingly moved forward. Tired, he'd promise to never do it again. Part of his mission was a visit to The Louvre in June. All of it in 36 hours straight.

The Legion's glee was irrepressible. A laugh the size of the caymen trench came from inside its belly.

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