Sunday 25 January 2009

Become a chocolate coin, lovely greyhound.
Become a greyhound,your lovely chocolate coin.
You're not really outside.
You get an A- for flavor.

In a blue metallic scroll, a blue letter.
A smoker's autumn leaf scribble. Someone else's name called.
A gold sheath crinkles in the crisp lanky grace.
Worthless & tasty.

A delicious pyramid counts common scents.
I say fuck logic. Teeth's silver gristles slivers in the gumline.
Anarchic electric spelling bee's subtract letters.
A Great Dane lumbers past your salary.

In died like a room, please. Tripping statues reign. Profiles in smirkage.
The green of a naptime chalkboard.
The brown soft substance so comfortable.
The tearing sound of an old woman's checkbook.

Look down perspective. Oscillating rain drops.
Count on tenacious amendments to marbelize. Smear so clear.
The rusty gutter ages. Communication's conduit sucks.

As ewe's e-mail emoticon resumes to an emo emu,a pneumatic
quirt spews gallantly
& goo-off discourages gestations, a gadfly utter's gall.
Sexless effervescent black lipstick deflates the bestial pen pal quip.
Hung lycra shorts close lions shears a voice so hoarse it swings in
a rogers and hammerstein field.

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