Sunday 25 January 2009

Simplified. complexi-flip. it's simple spacial-sations of a normal observat-ors -simply grumbling by -and around you, a remaining echo. Motorcycle boots and a careworn face, an exterior that says dont eff with this feller. But in reality, he's seems a very careful and mellow individual. Well spoken and steady studying eyes, he carries a conversation with you,with the audience, that could easily suggest endless paths of experiences. But things are kept very normal speech. Seeing things as they are. The sounds he speaks and simplifies in an overlap,throughout the middle of it- is a raw voice simply talking, but it talks through and around you. These sounds also bare inorganic structures, they use basic elements to collapse and expand in the air. Handed in a disarming way, a way that has a regularity that almost brings you too close to a specific and personal individual, this very thing is also an inexplicable strength. simplification. layered and ripped into flat transparent waves of filmy smoke, it continues. a single thing handed to you somewhere between music and other. thoughts of taking the vocals beyond and into different categories tease and sometimes seem to yearn for erratic tangential dreamy spontaneous patterns, but they do not. they stay here in the waking walk. where the wheels meet the road. if anything else were put to this it would be recognized as a place in which it belongs. this uncategorizable thing indicates endless potential,but only for those careful enough to realize what to leave out and how to leave just yourself in. and deliver that with feeling. Floating somewhere in between. often potentially trance enducing, strange digitally manifested creatures will wriggle across the top abruptly. the individual chants across the center of the storm with introspective simplicities that all can relate to. oscillating between inaccesible vehicles swinging three fisted subtle thoughts straight up, and a numb bluntness that smoothly lands in your lap.
hell ,as far as what his intentions effing clue. for all i know he's one of those lizard people that certain conspiracy people talk about. ya know, he could be insane, but i doubt it. prolly just likes trying to make cool sounds. im curious to see where he takes it.

eggtooth ist 1492-1776-2012

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