Sunday 25 January 2009

Sanguine arsenal,
floats four words.
Nervous Speculative Echo Modern.

A step ladder retrieval system in Mexico or Egypt.
We travel together.
Generative race monuments. (collide!)

As the world turns,a terminal blizzard of geometric symbols, acute as the window, it postulates beside us. And over there.
Redpath's family lowland's brows the heard internet stinked.
Tiny wingspans in the shambles of an election year. Get hits!
Talents wax the sarcasm filled wills of grinding time
call it what you will, outsided - on the street. A bipedal search engine.

Within a time,a fractured assassin pants.
Asterix over the gall bladder makes a sub tract for doo doo.
Suite number 24 fits the kazoo in lieu or amplitudes reeds
Anvil. Acme. Acne. Colorful child. One legged info.

Planter primary color dust bunny. A galloping figurine, dusting the roadshow-a high ceiling's upturned nose.
Atrium distended,well intended.Breathing half full in an argument with god.
And a couple of really thin pages between the lungs
Cough gallops and rolls the uvula.
Yellow pages in an ice storm of husky funeral rights. It must all means something.

Passage action and passive fallopian tubes bruise the PR.
The 80's rinkee dink.
Bomb da embassy,bomb the front deck.
set up cameras on your intestinal track.
The bowtie shades and the thin tight suit.
Painters' ceramic anger management phalanx
and (with face in seestone hat) Farmers Almanac
It's illegible. The future.

Cumbersome humerous wack-a-doo poodle movement, part three.
Streaming tiger carson car parts and god damn it.
Turn to the page where it start to fill the room
With bondo, it's always a better smile.
Fully charged skinny weapons of skin and teeth.

Gallons of purple water and a corpus collosum
(blossum with the dip,the dramatic paws).

Stinky pants fell off the granite carbine sundial apple jackson!
Crack maker noise orange, like it stains the situation Humpty.
Do the knows of the past and the plow forth on humble elle ?

Bow down and worship me and i will give you everything you need.
Incline cries of seas of fingers and dirt. The dirt of paradiggems.
The angles of the fracture cast light on sockets.
Sew the boon, sally forth and thrust a sucky fuzzy i dont know.
Wasted the on time coupon in a corner cavort cage shark
Burt Reynolds. Or Roddy Piper.

Some mother wrote the dose for twice,
and the difference kuhnipshun shin splint and a rotten stint.
A plug for the telescope aarghs the ripples and aaghs the plank.
Shank pimps and title midgets in stripes pigeon widget factory samples.
Fumble ball walking almost,it sinks in at night. a tree.

Wait. I almost,of course it's nervous and speculative- propelled by an echo,
the arsenal floats.
And it hit him in the eye. A spread sheet short meat thick white.
Lean and lean into the end, it can't reach scrape . It can't wait .
What a feint, a dollop of dimes on motor bikes hit that. Yellow dash marks.
Call the number on the back of your receipt.

Turn to the page where it start to fill the room
Blizzard of geometric symbols,carson car parts,call it what you will
within acute as the window, it postulates beside him.a time fractured
And then it's so boring next year. You have to wait in this really long line and then when you get up there it's
like a sanguine arsenal. a bad moustache and more paperwork. the troublesome monuments collide .

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