Monday 2 February 2009

2 blur to SCRIPT

went to OCA meeting last night. very interesting reminder. was not unlike driving in traffic. many agendas. many "experience levels", intentions some seem to know where they were trying to go and i asume they had paid their tax dollars.

reminds me of context i want to create.

out of clouds, we tilt through a window from high above New York City. it is a large room, lined with bookshelves, ceiling high.. Philosophy, art books, History etc.all lit by the dim glow of two flat screens connected to a Mac Computer.. The artist sleeps on a futon . a message indicator blinks on his computer.

(ext.) a helicopter WHIRRING can be heard and the landing gear comes into view through THE ARTIST's window. we see the body of the chopper come into view.
a man in sunglasses listens into a headset as he leans out the helicopter window. he is dangling a black rifle , pointed at the street below. the street is empty.his focus is on The Artist.

VOICE(FROM INSIDE HEADSET):okay...fuzzy duck, do we have our rabble rousing target in sight?"
Gunman: that's a one nine doe toe.
zooming in on GUNMAN'S sunglasses, we see a reflection of the the slumbering ARTIST(int) and see the weapon's barrel rising into view.
(int) from over ARTIST's bald sleeping head a view of chooper and GUNMAN lingering outside his window.. all is silent.
(V.O) the trademark voice "you've got mail..." suddenly vibrates the room. and we hear a tiny glass chipping sound. a stream of yellow liquid pours through the ARTIST's window. his head is being soaked with urine.
(ext) a typewriter the size of one of those short buses from elementary school is hovering in the air. It is wearing a beanie with a twirler spinning very rapidly AND throwing offf a PRISMATIC SPRAY.

the text EGGTOOTH can be seen written across the machine. It writhes and changes typefaces before our eyes.
a long hose from this object can be seen as the source of the urine stream.
(voice)hell i dunno.
(2nd voice)what do you mean gene?
i mean i dont know...
well here take one of these pills...they make you know everything.
i tell me! (slaps his knee)
they laugh and a tiny bottle containing one pill zooms at the screen.

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