Monday 2 February 2009

I drop a hand drawn business card to the floor, while YOU watch. Its a puzzle piece shaped like you.
"thank you very much...i appreciate your interest." He's not seeing things.
this is not a pkd book. look at the camera for a second,please.
i dont assume to write like The Man.
Twinge for a moment because i am not insane.(not one soul said you were, nerd) An artist skin over my lie of a boring paranoid life. i do know.
i decide that it is only ten thirty in the evening and that i have just woke up with the call from Intellegence. to give a speech to the masses. the idea of the forerunner. A blueprint of the prototype, sketched by a machine i designed. The front end of a ship full of sugar and black rotten tongues . giant flies. a cowcatcher covered in dead maidenheads. other people's fragments, their souls smeared like KY on my surface.
your context and extension of your keyboard. you dont know me. but better than i know myself. you are flesh and blood. a name on a screen. the planet is 2 dimensional again. cubism is a relevant install in that corner. with wires and ideas. walking into walls.
i lack the words but hear it differently, a lucid dream with ten get out of jail free cars.
ten paintings...did i do those?
pretty good...what the flip are they?
who cares.
i answer to your delving questions. with yet another mask, another beard...excuse me while i check your inventory for thoughts of me. i observe myself and have to say.."oops"
but its just the internet with voices in the background. people i know. because of you.
so why should i's not real. whys it gotta be all that. its about bein happy aint it?

hey you! yes the porch that looks like christmas
i read that article. had to print it out and read and reread it, wipe idiots drool away...grab thesaurus, elements of style, shake my melon... read from back to front. was easier somehow in reverse..
this is a subject of discussion in the form of my angle on it. or my ignance on it.
like jeopardy. with a capital "J" and an exclamation mark after it.

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