Monday 2 February 2009

howdy all. what's for SALE? today....
touch me im sick, my band is bigger than your band, sing it.pigs like getting covered in mud. its very COMMON practice.

so how's the community doing? we happy? goin to shows? participating in thought provoking conversations? injuring ourselves for the sake of life and living and art? hangin' out, observing?

would ya'll like an inspirational poem from EGGTOOTH?

tHE sILENT wALL OF Love and Life
Oh life i hear you
oh i hear you life
in my heart i am strong life
like a love of a pumping heart i am me
an indivdual in life i am
from my family
my mother's breast oh love
i stand proud of life i love
my heart does pump for you
....Love. I am me!

Cheers everyone. just found that poem(on the back of my skull) it was funny, it was wrapped around the outside and i was trying to picture it reversed from the inside and couldn't gather a perspective. i felt, i dunno confronted. but then i realized it was like a wheel, a path there is no starting point. but there are always the basics. the blank slate.
so i ended up using three mirrors and two packs of cheap razors to read the thing in reverse.
it was worth it though!
i felt so inspired to create and love life and remember who i am and to be proud of that. i am a lion! GRRRRRRRRRRRR!
(clawed hands at you etc....)
so what do ya'll think bout having a society constructed based on the influx of the ever shifting dichotomy of interests that meet, with the intent purpose (purportedly) that the need was dispersal of to (an) society in the form of a mass media, a medium that covers everything. from the grass and the clouds to the air over the top back of yr head.
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