Monday 2 February 2009

out for context

yeah... stinks how being one individual has that unescapable quality to it that renders one biased.
aah... the joys of truly knowing yourself AND being "open minded" i myself have multiple personalities that come from a few different cultures themselves (and lack focus or serious structure as an artist). so i enjoy oscillating. m
my favorite environment in the usa is a convenience store. so many cultures at once to sit around and share memories with.
while we scratch our lottery tickets and eyeball the porn rack...
i jest. im usually in too much of a rush to fill up my navigator with premium and be on my way to a meeting i could just as easily have on my cellphone while sitting in the big round lonely auditorium that is 285.
I-285 needs art and hotdog vendors along its walls. maybe sausage biscuits, scones or tibs for the ethiopians in the a.m. drive.
whatever ya bunch of freaks. i am America

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