Monday 2 February 2009


I have decided that i want to call a meeting.
There is a dress code. otherwise, pay a dollar at the door and give me a piece of art. then i will let you in.
I am not kidding.
I will do my best to pull together a panel and i will moderate.
I was thinking of Chipper Jones, Chris Robinson, James Brown, Robert Cheatham, Jeff Calder, something like that.
Sweet tea will be served.
We will play the pass along poetry game and cannibal corpse, exquisite corpse, whatever... be there or be an L 7 daddie-o.
That's "Folks" on La Vista Rd. in Tucker. 7:30 post meridian fri the 24th.
yr in can find it. right down your mileage. i'll reimburse you. i promise.

we will solve all your problems
we will solve atlanta's problem
dedicated determined dispicable.
EggTooth Enterprises.

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