Monday 2 February 2009


I believe the generality of this problem is one that cannot be forced or consciously molded...does that make any sense?
what do you think would happen in the described situation? these are individuals we are talking about ,when you get down to it. put them in a room together.
they would have to be brought together with a clear context. a clear goal. I know it seems clear.
while it seems simple, i believe once it comes down to a reality of looking to unify a voiced would be difficult. this presumes they would all openly agree on a definable problem. in the same language, from a definable perspective. as well as agree on a course of action. reminds me of having to concept an advertisement. have to make it quickly and simply understood message. selling an audience and all that.
not to sound conspiracy oriented, but who is to say there are not already meetings going on?
doesnt it also have to do with culture?, something that is molded. but thats on almost a geological timescale. atleast as far as i am concerned. which leaves me really only thinking i can learn to react to what they want, not so much trying to tell them what they want.
no that i disagree with this entirely, or agree with this. i believe there is truth to it though. it has a large influence on thinking and decisions made in terms of investing money.
it takes recognizing atlanta. whatever that means. and it will be one person, if it ever does happen. that's my guess, anyways.
the moderator of this meeting would have to be a leader. let's not mince words.
i suggest we have a month where all of atlanta's galleries have openings with all of their work sprayed black. it would be a symbolic beacon to other cities. fear of no relevance. of homogeny. of nothing to react against or to. of no definable culture

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