Monday 2 February 2009


Roman gladiators looking for a thumbs up. alternative artists unite in the a big billboard with "clear channel" written across its just a matter of ,what 14 yrs, mainstream airwaves go from spewing things like i still haven't found what im looking for to some booger growling i hate everything about you, growl grumble heavy guitar etc... aren't billboards how ted turner got started? give the people what they want.keith haring subway art that just looked like it belonged there. Artlanta:united we stand. we stand united. like an 18x24 coroplast sign.45 for 99 signs this size. Chris, you know about the right of way law, i am sure.(your piece at MOCA pin up show was very nice, by the way) 10 feet back behind a telephone pole?4x4 posts and quickrete. MDO plywood.electrical and dimensional signs are totally diff. get what i am saying, bottom line is,you and i have things at our fingertips daily. Robert, who has seen this same thing for how many years...20
something did you say? Cedric sounds like he is willing to DIE for this cause. ced...r u still living in atl, i forget? i might have you confused with someone else.
hope hope fingers crossed that i sound idealistic and maybe even a bit realistic with my own private funds. all i have to answer to is my own will.and my own belief in myself. laziness, too.!patience and application of a clear focused IDEA. artists in business will always be filling out applications for each and every job they do.You are only as good as your last job. and even that is soon forgotten due to the fact that the next assignment may be entirely different.thats thebeauty and joy and challenge of "art". they have to submit portfolios, not like a chemical engineer for instance, who gets his masters and piece of paper and gets an automatic increase in HIS/HER chance of someone's trust , being hired to do something and paid to do it.. will always be this way. i choose to not become bitter about the public or the government and its choice of funding or interests. especially when this country is by no stretch homogenous in its culture.
disregard them. come at them from a different route. the potential for ONE PERSON to do this is and always will be there. just who are they doing it for? hopefully first and foremost themselves. but it can gather momentum and a bandwagon and start the whole dang cycle over again. like small earthquakes instead of one big one that just builds and builds.
all of this of course has to do with the public. not gallery venues. and it presumes someone out there is for real. im not!atleast not yet. im learning at a pretty good rate, though. and my passion aint dying or fact its multiplying. hah! oh. i think a sculpture of Tupac in a suit has a better chance than one of sonny in,let's say, overalls.yee haw.slap the cat and spit on the fire.
who here is coming out to eyedrum saturday?

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