Monday 2 February 2009


my apologies artnews subscribers.
Laura is correct. Her controlled slap to my face in the room has caused a reverb i am still reeling from. Her use of the word "vituperative" really drove it home for me.
My reaction to the initial quote felt a presumed negativity. that is what i responded to.
I thought i was being sassy in a positive way.But oh well...

and uh-oh. ignore my Ignorant Balls post, Laura. It wasn't wise.
Thank You for your response Laura.
Maybe we should get together and play Twister sometime.

Laura wrote:
Although it is often tempting to be vituperative in response to messages on this list, it is rarely wise to express such sentiments -- and really it is so unpleasant to have to read such a lack of control. In the future, please rant at home and leave the e-list alone. Thank you.

"Apathy and Centricism falls in a forest.. use their(your?) cold dead hand to get yourself off."
will you make a sound?

presuming They are trying to pry yr creativity out of yr hand...
aren't you "doing it for yourself" first and foremost anyways?
sorry...the quote was nice and all....i just thought i saw a pink bunny peep his wittle head up over my compooter and wiggle his wittle nose at me for a second know..bigblue sky and happy clouds. crap like that. i vomit kandinsky in your general direction.

"They will have to take my creative spirit from my cold dead hand"

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