Monday 2 February 2009


In Irwin McGrather's lastest novel, The Haunting Bees, one is commanded into a strange delectable plase at the very begunnning. c
The central character, Joe High, is thrown into a bush maze filled with naked women and buildings made entirely of candy. he runs and runs and we, as the reader are trying to decide if this is all a dream. His feet sticking in molasses, yellow jackets swarming in his goateeee, High can't shake his fixation on a pair of identical buildings in the distance. One can't help but feel this is an allusion to something in real life.
Real life, we ask ourselves this a dream?
The first chapter is without remorse, arduous and somehow fluid. I'm reminded of Burroughs. but the innocence of it all is too much like a little golden book. or tales of a fourth grade nothing. In this instance a stack of turtles come tumbling out of the sky. Intertwined with art reviews and some strange offal material. Like a bean stalk in reverse. with midgets slithering down the length, riding veins. a slalom. shalom. salome. off with yr head!
John High does wake up to find himself chained to a computer by the thin tissue that is his eyelids. his fingertips have been replaced with gumdrops and jujubees. his eyebrows are now and laters. chest hair is pixie stix dust. elbows are made of salt water taffy from an oceanic place, the real stufff. not some fake stuff.
artnews is an internet witch. a sandal made of teeth. a target that sticks up. a torn up book, an intern with a hair net from the 80's. a soup line martyr wanting a paycheck.
oh yeah...
irwin Mcgrather's latest book didnt really hold my attention. i wouldnt buy it. i'd go to an art opening instead.
Joe High manages to turn your page for you at certain points. the pages seem wet and you wonder if some hallucinogenic material has seeped into our blood stream throgh your gumdrops. you taste the page. it has no taste, but a strange self induced tingle sizzles your tongue anyways. you are reminded of bastian and atreyu. a dumpster with your name on it. dont look in that mirror! aaaaaaaagh! who is da man? eh?
irwin Mcgrather's novel, The Haunting Bees has stayed with me. id say its the best thing since sliced bread. go out and buy it. it is great.

Artnews is an art review in reverse.

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