Monday 2 February 2009


i have this sea turtle in my backyard, we go riding and stuff, right, well..he's 108. his name is stanley. anyways...i was on his shell and we were makin a hard right around a tree the other night ((filming a movie in my backyard) and he broke his toe!
was wondering...can he have medical coverage?could the AAP help me? the movie was an art project. filmed in slow mo, to be sped up to illustrate the passage of declining bru hah hah in the suburban dwell of urban reformed mechanized social strata, the unmitigated audacity exorcised by those in the position to do so. its for a good cause. all the proceeds would go towards a not for profit feform feform um treatment plant for treatment of..uum. plants in need of reform.

he knew charles darwin, does that help?

he died in 1882. far out. wish i was alive then.
somebody is lying here.either stanley is olderthan he says..which would be bad news on a health insurance application
1Have you ever been on medicine for mental health/substance abuse?
2. how old are you?
3. any family members that were/are artists?
4. did you vote?
5. have you ever ruined someone's dinner with political topics? you ride turtles in your backyard?
7. do you talk to yourself?
7.5 online? you "hunt & peck" or can you actually type?
how many words? and dont say "all of them"...heard it.
9.finish this Skynyrd song title: "The ballad of________."
10.what do you think of Social Darwinism?
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