Monday 2 February 2009

cute joke. harp seals. they're so cute.
ever read their thoughts,though? little white bastards.
but anyways....
the nekked albino manatee shot could have just as easily been juxtaposed with a headless nick berg shot (did u hear what he said before his head was sawed off like a deer?)or perhaps hieronymous bosch or some W. blake type shite depicting froliicking hedonism etc...
but seurat...? the composition was in a park.the end. ok. cool. damn cool. i guess. pretty damn cool, even. hell. id go so far as to use the "f" word and say its really fargin coool. if ya like? there. it's cool.
but i wouldnt want it on a coffee mug or have a puzzle made out of it. that's reserved for Art.

oh and by the way steve. you are now french. congrats.

hey there fuzzer buzzards inna grocery store aisle, there's no overhead music for you today. nore is der grub. Just yourself and the hunger.Their hunger.grid pattern aisles little windows wide. Better than a Bar filled with ideas.look back at you. you look glanced it feeds you squares of you, in repitition. The glossy pictures about who, next- to- you -wait.for your turn on the conveyor belt cover story.return to your airport hangar on even ground. dead center. a shot from a kubrick flick words read voices spoke.translated one big super melon for our heads. because you aren't selling your death.I care about you.20 dollars buys a piece of yr soul in this market. but your not've been born cold and hit the ground slimey. a small wiggle. spiraling out from your center
"this is Key
how bout that!is that right? the end of the day thanks for all you do everyday

[ARTNEWS] poem 8.5.07to be multiple internal relations are asymmetrical. not a unity, not determined by the name but by extending.after, anyone can see how far i came, and none make out what was struggled toward. inside but not mine, made of whatis not of me, and yet is a part of me, internal daily, necessary and affective -- this is key.a landing's lift-off is said only 'never.'but i live the always that never can not.a singularity inside, but not mine, made of what is not me, and yet
coming to rest just as it persists in taking flight. i propose,that any perpetual motion machine shares in asymmetry in just this way.

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