Monday 2 February 2009

Does anybody here remember that amazing blue bug eyed critter named Izzie or Whatizit? from the olympic days...who came up with that? classic flop if there ever was one. could here it splat on the ground in loganville.
how bout that be our slogan "Waar's At lanta?"
i am a local, ya'll. born and raised, ayep. my daddy was from a yankee family, michigan... and me mumma was from tucker. im 7th generation tucker on that side. there's a certain pride in that.perhaps that word is too strong. an interest at the very least. gives me a sense of honesty.Or something to be aware of.something i do love and have a comfort in, because of its familiarity and its ways.but im a split, the yankee dad. some of my ways and pronunciations make even my own kind not even feel me. so i sense this clannish angering reticence to open up. to be totally genuine. im just being listened to and told what i want to hear. im being coaxed for info. we're smiling and all, yes.but it is so darn subtle and sweet.
ive noticed a kind of reclusiveness in certain corners of southern has to do with willingness to communicate as well as willingness(personally as well as , well,whatever else) to be an evident part of a culture, in terms of causing a visible thing to stereotype.or target. it would almost seem like we are no longer here. but believe me we are.i think it is evident in different ways.. drive down lawrenceville hwy in tucker and try to throw a rock without hitting a church.For me, that in itself is one of the more on the surface evident things. in living here all my life(except for 95-96 in new orleans) i still sometimes feel like no one is from here anymore. but i do stop and realize that, or believe that, every culture has its ways that are representative in others in other ways. it just takes a symbiotic synchronicity, a patience and a timing. Especially amongst strangers and co-workers. and i am still restricting this to specific aspects within a specific is
an invisible strain. but it feels good to communicate and feel understood.and feel a sense of family. I believe those attempting to brand atlanta have a challenge that only about 20 yrs will cure. southern secret society, for a fun silly name, is being dissolved. like sugar in tea that aint sweet enough...or is it. we will tell you we are gone. we promise. only a few more years and it'll be different. yep.
this here river dont go to aintry.
no man with a good car needs to be justified
so yeah, amy hoover, tony accurso, john padgett...right on. i like the one about the brand not "coming to him, it seems he has to go to it." very true. i reminds me of the dominance and submissiveness of any relationship. how hats are shared. sucks feeling like you are submitting control.having to be the one to ask.gotta stay on yr toes. Opening up, as it were. i wasn't to with Padgett's whole saccharin smile padded scoring perspective. "we should be proud of what we accomplished"attitude. What? that now we've now got some interesting, smart and capable people who are now figuring out that they should be willing to work together? what do you want? a medal? you learned how to walk or swim. congrats. my neice just learned how to walk a few months ago. should i invest in a freakin billboard now?
i realize i am doing an awful lot of personal projecting. it is presumptious. i do feel like i have observed some sort of commonality,though. it would seem we could steal Las vegas's slogan and it would work just as well for us.
oh and the song...It sucked.the end. If it did ANY polarizing, it was between those with and those without taste.
city of peace seems okay. peace is neat. id rather it, than gettin in a fight.but i'll rassle wich ya in mah backyard and wup tar outcha.if you gotta problem with it, that is.
im fixin to go now. so bye.peace.
anyone here remember Hee Haw? sheesh.

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