Monday 2 February 2009


okay, for this next piece...i need everyone to stand up at their computers. Now ,when i count to three..
okay one two three..(move through space with that at yr own pace.)
so okay. is everyone standing up?
place the birdy finger of your left hand on the as closest to center spot on yr keyboard as possible. if yrs is near the o and k, it's o.k.
where r u?
its kinda near the colon. isn't it?
so what i want you to do now, is remove your finger from your colon ... stay standing!...turn..walk away from your computer and make some art.

and thus concludes my internet performance piece.
thank you for those that participated.
im going to assume you all did, since this is just one reality.
it was great. i love me. but i couldn't have done this without you.

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