Monday 2 February 2009

designer of covers monster who r you?
anton le wother direct speech poker
yr link didnt work ther. i know not of that spice ther.
i sin and stir in my words a new painter
catalogue toker wareleo joker
an evening im mixed sensations
this can't be my thinly veiled sheet
lie can throw up chill a bear toe step
cant tauch this.
space eyes roam a signal top knot alone
all i c of yr son is a space for rent to catch some zzz's
sunshine spelled backwards has a phone number
you should call him
i should call him
that strange eyed being that speaks. and speaks some more.
is still speaking. and im nodding.
so i was speaking to these two blokes. ya know? aaaaaaaaand....
i says to guys go to many art openings? and one speaks saying something about military photos at jackson and mentions ballet as becoming im , like...oh gosh..i like, LOVE ballet. and we just talked for hours. so i m thinking shoot. ballet is art. fudge! fudge! fudge! puppetry. snake handling. dog shows, hell.
I dont know anything! Maybe Bill Nigut is right! maybe im on crack, jesus.
yaknow what...farg it all. im just gonna be a benefactor. these people are brilliant. im an asshole...pardon me. im the artintellectualsocialfbro magillia osis xydo mycotta blood enters the heart through the superior an dinferior vena cava and my god......

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