Monday 2 February 2009

somebody please validate a pressing need for art.

can someone describe a world, an atlanta, without it...
what would it look like?
i bet it would be a sanserif type face in black and white. visible from space.

did you know serif comes from seraphim...angels. wings etc...? lack of wings.

artists should boycott work this coming june 1st..wadda ya say?

who wants to come over and play on that day?
went to michael c carlos last night for part two of a tim tew show. duane georges invited me cuz he was in the show. had fun. felt cultured and oggled. my wrist is sore from signing so much and im still seeing spots from flashes, but its all good. my personal trainer had me on a sesna for the beach for a few miles of jogging and now im back and the spots are gone.
what a day people...gotta go to utrecht for some rubber gloves and stencils.

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