Monday 2 February 2009

im gonna have to say nope to this. it wants to seem like it has recognized a pattern, when in fact, it is looking for something and (holy smoke!)...Look what It found! the whole's reversed.
ever learned a word and then this word is suddenly everywhere! wow!. nope. it isnt some mystical synchronicity, some bizarre "these things come in threes" thing. none of that. one could argue that all of those topics share in common the theme of Purging. But... there isnt even really a pattern in those themes.
what exactly is a "non-art world factor"? Perhaps a continuity is the preconceived idea of what art is. When i am in the art world and when i am not. When am i having an artistic experience? or better...really:
when am i not? hmmm. when im asleep? im sure there's some lucid dream castle argument or some space crystal r.e.m. thing to debunk that. dreaming is an artistic experience, i guess. go buy some hemp products, maaaaan.
when im at home staring at a blank wall in a blank square room? nope..i dont do that anyways
"artists making art about things falling apart"...maybe his vision is the thing that's degenerating , cuz if that's a theme that sticks in his head...what didn't? a bunch.

"single non art world factor influencing art made today....."
darn it. the temptation to lacerate this question, flip its words inside out on itself...but i know what it means. i think.
if i had to answer it would be either the ol' stand by" Technology (internet cell phones etc...) say an increase in people's belief in their ability to become famous or rich or some proximity of it.(very n.american view i reckon) that they CAN matter (to the world). if they just try. that their AGENDA, their observation.IS WORTH SOMETHING. the world does care. they just need to listen. and consequently no one is listening to anyone but themselves. there's no unity. no way for anyone to feel like they belong anywhere, especially AGAINST anything. if need be, if unity was needed. we stand united, man. consumers. of ourselves. wait... is that degenerative? crap. oh well. nevermind.
my whole idea just fell apart.

PARDON ME WHILE I CLAW A BIT MORE: (he's a tenacious little begger, that eggtooth)
im still thinkin we need to cover everything in black paint. all our art, that is. for just one month. everything. why? for peace, maaaan.
just kidding.
actually, to show ourselves what The Blur is doing,The Melting Pot. what THE MAN is slowly doing to us, maaan. everything is true, nothing is permissable..yeah yeah anyone buying this?no?
wait til we're all wearing beige factory suits.(not literally, of course) wait til everything is equal and fair and we all have equal fair time to be. wont it just be..great? a big happy community hug for all ! bless yr hearts.
it's no real pleasure in life.

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