Monday 2 February 2009

by eggtooth and Fay Lynx
"Let's take it to the streets!" she said.
the city that never woke up. once there was a city. full of itself and wanted so badly to be, that it decided to evaluate itself.
who cares about objects? stationary objects? oh...those people? who cares about those people?
oh...those bank accounts? i see.
who cares about the people? that nonprofit heart string bean?
who are they there for? themselves? or the little people? mankind? whatever.
im a cowardly prophet no more fay. ignorant as the length of my tongue and as jammed up and circular as 285.
i will take it to the streets and i will do it entirely for myself.
in ternet no one hears you scream
in ternet no one herds you
in real life.
i wanna say that again
in real life.
yr art is shallow and cant escape it.
make a buck you sack of maggots
deliver me a list of rules to follow and tell me they aren't man made.

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