Monday 2 February 2009


Oglethorpe University opened an exhibition this past evening. On the wall is mounted a MANIFESTO by a group of New Realist painters.The exhibition is titled, Slow Painting: A deliberate Renaissance.The paintings themselves are very well executed. Incredibly executed.If Ken Noland was the "fastest" painter alive, I suppose these are pretty slow. I'm thinking perhaps that is part of the suggested point. To ask you to think further about whether or not you have "gotten it".One is supposed to bear in mind the pace of life in our times.
The paintings themselves have an immediacy to their aesthetic beauty, for certain.It is always fascinating to see something made with such whispers of touch. Many of the themes, while having returned to ideals and techniques born in the 15th century, carry forward to now with modern references. Subtle references. They are beautiful pieces of work, but I could not shake from my mind the bold claim that this is a new movement.

it's pretty interesting.

There are 22 painters in the show, featuring close to 50 paintings and drawings. They are calling it Slow Painting and are declaring that it is a New Movement. The curator of Oglethorpe's museum was proud to present the work, giving a nice speech and presenting a book titled, In Praise of Slowness:Challenging the Cult of Speed by Carl Honore. He made references to the Futurist Manifesto and movements of the sixties, wanting to compare and contrast what was happening before our eyes.. He declared with deep respect, the honor it was to have such an opening, such a movement, take place at Oglethorpe. This was delivered to a crowd of what Appeared to be mostly rich octogenarians.Perfunctory smiles and nods of approval were de rigeur.

After the show credits and manifesto references,mrs kathy koger won a Lufthansa trip from a raffle drawn from a big glass container! Let us say Yippee! for Mrs Kruger!.Koger?woohoo to manifestos and free vacations!

The book (In Praise of Slowness) evidently carries much of the same philosophy towards life, or at least serves to reinforce many of the points that these slow painters are attempting to make.You can purchase this book in the gallery store. I was unable to get a print out of the previously mentioned MANIFESTO. rats, i say. not that i asked. how silly that would have been! I could have dropped 15 bucks on the show catalogue, but i figured i could find the MANIFESTO on the internet. I was wrong. guess they showed me.
I'd say go.if you like paintings and art and all that stuff.

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