Monday 2 February 2009

Im glad you chose to qualify your defintions with the safe and very true observation that "intentions mean nothing". this is very true. i did not raise you and therefore cannot presume to crawl into your mother's womb and put a headset playing beethoven on yr mellon. or stick you in a closet, make you wear clothing designed by the artist for the opposite sex(intentions mean nothing) Make you watch her turn profits selling body. that is as honest as you can get.prostitution, that is. anything else is fair game. any idea as an abstract thing is a set up for dishonesty. or virtue. is up to me and you.

all of this is working from the notion that the physical body, as a warm blooded critter cannot lie with base actions. it eats poops procreates dies....all else is mental, some even say spiritual.we could puree the entire supreme court and use them as "human conditioner" and dip criminals in them.let sit for 2 minutes. repeat. what do you think?

my previous post was my tongue and cheek recap of some comments i had read.i, of course, realize that there is possibly somebody out there i consider more serious. but that would be my opinion
there's technically no such thing as dishonest or not serious or really even a dilettant. but i will be the first to tell you what i think is. i am basically pleased with how you broke things down and will not try to break myself showing you how sassy i can be by taking your own words and showing you your own gaps. im sure you know what you meant and i do to.
to me, i am starting to realize that honesty and gratification go hand in an example, natural talent can be a catharsis, or a dishonestly gratifying thing for some. but we, or maybe even that person themselves, will never know.

to me, this time i spend discussing things and thinking about posts could be dishonest."juggling" as a friend calls it.
But influence is good. making yourself aware of things going on out there is good. sharing ideas is good. sharing thoughts. also good. presuming someone is in a phase behind you or totally lacking in anything relative to you...bad. ignore them if you want.we only have so much time.we do have to learn to discern. i would say this could all be taken or used as a miniature test of a person's sense of centering. i think that is what is frustrating to a number of these "serious artists" wanting dilettantes and non-serious artists gone. its messing with their self image, the context they receive themselves in.they've paid their dues, man. they dont have time for phases they already been through or nver went through. they are serious.. well guess what...i will bypass the whole serious not serious thing as far as art goes and go straight to the person themselves.
some of you don't deserve to exist. but i love ya just the same. i promise.

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