Monday 2 February 2009


visual gibblets drip on my face. alphabits in space.should i attempt to reenter our atmosphere? did i ever leave? a run on dream pulls my unmarked wishes my thoughts into ellipses. a tongue untied behind my bumper one night. a counter top with two local deities and demigods, im a nerd you see, draped out of context with smile and words. a white boy adroit mixer spins his face all covered in text. a dog tail
tongue happy for paint laps up words like water. water likes it. laps me up...a laptop dog that looks like a little boy full of notions. without motions.

metalgristle in my skull, a subtlefist vrexbose cheats him into seeing a panel top of guessed lessons.lined with winged chatterheads that want their hands bitten. repitition paints a broke down emulsion dehazing me, a solvent made of that yucky word arm returns with some more words. and then there is hate in between what it makes and those that it breaks, a ripple storm off shoot a half baked journey down the fountain of youth becomes another ellipse...mows my thoughts down.

an image out of context. a floating enter key inside a gallery door. moves with yr waves. death becomes her march. a meeting of the minds in basements ticking times. building to a point. building. to a point. did you see that building? a point. i did. a backwash returns brick by brick a photo click. floating on its own. out of context. i will con yr text into a wish. i will turn yr structure into an (...)

(: stolen) (& in my hand) (* bastard kicks)..okay thats cheesy, but its a visual, and its words. so kiss my but.
until i find the righteous one, computer blue.
marsha, im not just saying this to be nasty...
andy warhol made a lot of prints.
until 1987 and dreams happened in 1999...didnt they. (an) i bet u wanna, you wanna c.
U... i would die 4 u. stupid look on my face. scratch that...all of this shit about a guy whose name became a symbol...a graphic. how do you pronounce that?
maybe if we collaborate we can finger it.
push someone to the edge.push the language forward. was reminded of all the previous shows warhol had before and (building himself,) the rejection the rejection, the experimenting...did ya'll know that jasper johns was born in augusta? like james brown. but Prince is from Minnesota. like paul westerberg and winona ryder .
he built himself until he disappeared, merged like a blur into the scene, he filmed one for hours. pointed at it REAL hard. shoot, i gotta go.
eggjeff and the morning coffee, brought to you by Brillo.

hey...i love you.

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  1. I share a birthday with Paul Gauguin and Prince.



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