Monday 2 February 2009


My Dearest Wormwood,
Actually, i want more people like this on the list.Its an art list! this one's got passion.and the will to spill the contents of their mellon. just giving themselves away.we dont need to brand this one. he's/she's wearing it on his/her sleeve for us.
Hey hero...what you think of Howard Finster? I think Ed Gein by definition was a folk artist, don't you? wanna meet somewhere dark and secluded? bring yr paints.
Jesus was the ultimate artist, if you ask me. The way i see it, artists attempt to give something of themselves, right? they put their time and effort into it and try to communicate something they feel is worth being heard. Regardless of who will listen or notice , the message/piece is there for people to go to. What do most artists give of themselves? their time, money, maybe even some blood....but not usually their life. or getting the poop beaten out of them,not usually.what do they believe people are getting in return? eternal life? not usually. Im working on a painting that is kinda like the fountain of youth(it will work...i promise), but it sure aint gonna give eternal i can do.sue me. dont think it will provoke crusades or anything either, but one can dream. Jesus was actually the first Conceptual Artist, now that i think about it. what an abstract idea! I freakin DIE so that all may live forever?Not me buddy.The most i can offer is wall decor. He snagged the dang
trump card of ideas. the bastard.
gotta give it to him. he was either a liar or a lune or he was what he says he was.
Instead of "Think about Honking if you like Conceptual Art"...think about dying. and think of yr family and loved ones. then throw in the grapevine, oral tradition,a bunch of time, and a healthy dose of Unavoidable Human Judgement and roll camera. I'd be motivated to spread the word given that.

by the way.. does anyone else here feel that part of the creative process has to do with flowing with it, allowing something to work with and through them and their initial motivation? I meet so many f-ers that say they can't finish something cuz it aint turnin out like they want or are afraid or whatever.


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