Monday 2 February 2009

its elton john.
or perhaps it is a good constructive question intended for thought provoking forward thinking...thoughts. and maybe actions. such an open ended couple of questions, though. im sure you could gather responses from people with various degrees of passion and experience. various walks of life
i mean, tell me your work is about, from, or for a minority group or children, then tell me who has been most supportive. with your idea as well as funding its execution.
seems like "the scene" is looking for an amazing thing to just coagulate out of the very air.which one day it will, just will i be into it...will it be for me? right now, it seems that atlanta is still trying to figure out the whole food air shelter thing, teach people to stop rutting long enough to turn offthe frickin tv and read a frickin book. but oh...we want an art scene....whatever, man. light years away and no gathering of people gaggling will unify with anything but something that comes out surface level and for a certain pocket of yahoos. i dont mean to seem negative, i find myself constructive and honest. we could talk like this till the end of time. there are large gaps and jumps in my logic that i am sure are obvious, ones i will gladly defend at yr request.

independent artists:
why is atlanta great for them? i didnt know it was.
but, i will say that people like:
Swan Ray Shead
E.K Huckaby
Troy Lloyd
Ben Apfelbaum
Maxwell Sebastian
Duane Georges
Lisa King
Beth Thames
Karin Lefler
Karin Fein
these people have made differences for me in atlanta. forgive me if i forgot you.
if anyone has the experience and desire to put forth something for themselves and finds that it is gathering its own momentum, great. but to try and consciously force it....we do need to hang out witheach other naturally. relaxed. no fear of exposing ignorance. thats where it will start. my specific desire is to find myself hanging with people who i respect and whose respect i have earned in return and realizing a school of thought. not gimmicks. not agendas. techniques and means of application that are relevent to now. that can be taken and applied to whatever your agenda.
or you can continue as you were establishing yourself in your own route and time.

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