Monday 2 February 2009

sex.. sex is like a crosswalk parade.
speaking of crosswalk parades.
some of you may be asking yrselves. "what's the point?"
and guess what?
what? this is a focus on the positive. this is a sales pitch. this crosswalk parade is...when you get down to it, simply for the fun of it. to me. please understand i am just a follower. just like any of you amazing people. amazing artists. if yr in it for sales...this could be yr big network, where yr power tie. make hand drawn signs, bring art.
there is no grand march against the pigs mentality to this. this IS me! can i stress me!(that sure sounds positive)BUT AAAH... it is a pointless fun act. and there's nothing wrong with it. some could argue that it is like... SEX in that regard. you never know...if you come to this crosswalk parade, you might burn off that extra calorie that gets you, well, ...sexed. you might meet a future sex partner. never know!
you might be there to save a puppy from getting run over, a poor wittle puppy. all because you were you not there...he dies. can you see him? what color is his fur? walking obliviously into traffic,tail swingin, his happy tongue hangin' hes dreamin about a bug he almost caught and then....WHAAAMO! we hear a lady scream.puppy entrails boist out, caught and wrapping around the axle on a pt cruiser. fuzzy bloody hair .bones crunched. his last painful baby yelp. puppy makes eye contact with a little girl on a school bus going by.Panting clear-ish fluid from his lungs. dark blood slowly oozes across the pavement. his sides heave. slowly. slower slow-er.slo w er.
he dies. dead puppy.a piece of poo sticking out his little exploded bum. a final autonomic hind leg spasm.
YES. all because you were not at a cross walk parade.
so when is this cross walk parade? where? sign me up, you MUST be saying! you must be so sold now! please dont hold me back! i must be part of this, THIS...
if you don't it could be a human baby in a stroller. an abandoned stroller, drifting away towards zoom zoom zoom (does that make you think of a corporate tune).?
well if it need to have more fun. eschew yr television.(heh)
come walk and talk and wave at atlanta. for no reason. bring some art. this means you darn it. unless yr scared or lazy. gotta wash socks that day, yr thinkin'. but what would this do for my image? probably nothing. but maybe, just maybe......naaah.
its just for fun.aint no "too cool" about it.
and oh yeah...this isn't my idea. im a follower. just one of the guys, gals..peeps on the street.meetin and greetin'. a lesser person than you.
i dont know when its gonna be. or where. im just havin fun with this one.
so whens it gonna be folks? iyabo? where? i dunno.
do i LOOK like i work here? sheesh.( i could dress up and culture jam and say that)
but seriously folks.
im thinkin at oh...around 6:45.yesterday. start meeting at the clermont lounge.
no no.
start meeting at ....someone help me out here. im open to time date, where, unless it's in east bumduck. iyabo...hey, IYABO!....i will follow. tell me (us) when and where..i believe in you .just not THIS wednesday.
"another place where art is happening", huh?...that only means one place to me.

near food. food brings em out. yuuum. foooooood.

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