Monday 2 February 2009


was under the impression that the observation made really showed no side. it simply made an observation.

natural development either will or will not push someone into a position of leadership with people already following. and that very well could be something that fizzles or something that builds. wont know till it happens. and then happens again.
this eddie guy seemed to be a bit amused by the whole thing.he was playing gestalt psychologist or something. he made it very clear, however gentle, that he realized that first and foremost that the community needs to solidify in some way. he said he was there as an initiator to bringing us together. and you know, the sad irony of him being useless as tits on a boar was his presence somehow validated that meeting. or was a red herring. we could sit around and beat each other until we get some sort of answer. but why? Eddie mentioned the word political as a potential topic for focus.he stressed that no one individual stands for Atlanta. i found that interesting. he also never gave a truly clear explanation for why cash was withdrawn. all he really said was that it was a communication problem. that was at the very beginning. i heard him loud and clear and needed no more explanation. i read between the lines. he was giving us a gentle spank on the butt and prepared for the usual
onslaught of emotional whining for money. pigs dont mind getting covered in mud. he could have taken that conversation in elaborate circles of names and meetings and discussions, and it all would have been a thing unto itself.
all of the questions thrown at him were he fielded as expected. and the thing is, the room couldn't gel with the insulting reality of how bad he felt for us. it was almost embarrassing.

steve, was it you that brought up piedmont park festival and its backyard origins?
corrina mentioned two examples of things taking place in florida...the main word i heard out of the first one was "leader" regardless of how or why, this person established momentum and charisma. i believe the word "idea" was probably at least as equal in importance as money.i liked the fact that karen kept trying to bring the topic back to ideas and bringing artists together.

Interview magazine started and attained most of its original advertising by this one freak walking around in new york and selling spaces to people. he had a bit of a history to him, though.This gave him some leverage. i refuse to focus on more money as an issue unto itself.
when i think idea, i think school of thought, i think concept. i think sometimes even, the word "focus". like a paper topic. i do not think of political agendas, festivals, shows to plan for. i don't think art in freedom park.i think of the art itself.the venue it is shown in comes next.
if the target audience is ourselves, we need to evaluate how we perceive ourselves.i say it should be with a big stupid oblivious smile. just as a start. we gotta relax with each other, maaaan.
if the target audience is atlanta, then forget about it. you're heading out the door backwards from the beginning.i say the fact that there were around 30 people there last night was a great sign. was anybody there a teacher?
i used to study aikido. an art with no attacks. losing your balance putting, you off of your center...things like this were heard. An entity has to be harmonized with itself so it can clearly react to other's intentions as well as adapt and flow to achieve its own.

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