Monday 2 February 2009


Multi Level Marketing by jefftooth, for whom the small creatures waiting in the wings refer to as "rad" . sells the idea of ideas out respect. inspite of an overwhelming vaccuum in what is not the far corner of his mind, but the rest of it. a squirming grey pulse with a smooth child's face.wriggles. a storm about to erupt. flow my tears, the poet said. kiss my arse.i'm illiterate.

Multi level artekting:see these Nagle prints on the wall over my plastic flowers, my flow chart?see our artline carving its zig zag way across communities? It is! its happening, and this applies to YOU! give us five years my precious. things have changed this time. if it is for the people, then intentions are a tricky double edged blade. it can come from anywhars...yes?Intentions, one would like to believe in those that glow, are everything. but aaah. ive decided the only thing you can use is some sort of peripheral vision of yr soul. plaY, BUT DON'T LOOK.this is all beneath you...see! look at what i've read...i will prove it!and........ACTION!
(do they think im suicidal?) sheesh.

this is sorta from my journal. what wonders.
If it is for the people.
"it has to identify with them" Naay! I Say!
the duty to the people is to the self
i am the monster at the end of this book(see sesame st.featuring Grover)
the duty is to recognize our strengths
towards a common goal
but aaah. specifics by nature subjugate themselves
to the need of the whole. this is even larger than politics
and if im coming at you from a sideways lack backed up and thin tired scheme...go make something you wanna sell and be happy. i might see you there sooner than later.
the individual has to believe
the individual has to give
as well as carry with them (WITH FEELING) what they receive
This does not create itself
this is not for the weak . playing risks the loss of yourself.
losing your language. to remember the original rules
man made needs. sprung from lies.
meant as well as you do!
wink at them but dont stare make eye contact be compliant and fluid with yr center.
Our Center.
so basically what im saying is.....i don't care about many of you. you and what you do Don't Not exist. it is not born. it walks. it lays there on a wall, defying gravity. held not by nails and wire, but by blackened tubes plugged into the walls. sucking draining like a baby evil whatsit thing...succubi or sumthin. atl's opening is in the infrastructure. atl is in need more than ever...compounding the sanctimony of it. a city filled with tubes. which way does it flow? NEED. and good intentions.aint that the bugger of it.well... at least it isn't apathy, right?
love for you all as human beings.

eggtooth ist lazy!
love eggtooth

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