Monday 2 February 2009


im thinkin ol max was deep in the bottle when he wrote his response.
" who did you study with"??? what the heck. what's a freakin percheron? im gonna have to go look that one up. first thing i see is a bird of prey wearing a helmet, then i see a big golden chariot pulled by some dead thing through the sky. speaking of gold dead things, has anyone read the sept/oct issue of art papers? it has an article, section, review about golden blizzard, as im sure many of you know very well.. someone told me it was "fashionable" to be doing what they(GB) are doing. its all the rage..i dunno. all ive ever seen are some of their collaborative drawings. i missed the show. man, i need to get in the loop.
im curious about this "slow painting" thing robert posted. when was or is it opening? its at oglethorpe.this rich old lady shaped like a silk hay stack, gobs of shiny stuff all over her, told me that Oglethorpe's space is a "hidden gem" suppose she should know.her tone and mannerisms suggested infinite wisdom. probably had a ruby the size of my thumb hidden in her tookus.we were discussing the word "culture" and she turned it into "culch-ured", but i didnt say anything. cuz im shy and ignorant.she was old atlanta money. my family comes from the Cofers in Tucker.

(a degree doesnt matter....not to me. )

a lot of people have degrees AND passion, i have to play fair witness...
a percheron is a french draft horse. or at least having its origins in FRANCE. i did not know this. but now i do. did i teach myself this?
yes yes, i am the authority on Percherons now..uuh hum excuse me excuse me...Percheron Specialist coming through. im in public with my essays on, about, even one written by a particularly randy Percheron i am friends with. would you like to buy a copy? he died from thrush last fall, i have signed copies. they smell like molasses and a cold sky full of stars.
ive decided to start reading this book i bought the other night. i actually bought two.
they are is selected writings by that walter benjamin guy and the other is poetry for a new millenium or something. gonna give it some time and space, approach it from the side. for fun. it scares me, so maybe ill just flip it open on occassion.
is there another word for "poetry" ? i hate that word. can we all agree to call it something else, like, i dunno..."vrexose" or something...
somebody please repost the "slow painting" thing. im gonna go.


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