Monday 2 February 2009


Horse: A series.
Horse: B a triptych using walls as panels
Horse: C collaborative
The theme of the Horse is about Ritual.

Maxwell Sebastian and Jeff Dahlgren have found a commonality in the Horse.
Their artistic styles could not differ more. Joined together with an underlying theme, their driven passion proclaims something new.

Maxwell's respect and ethics have their heart in what some could recognize as Classical tradition. His attention to the importance of line, composition, and technique pervade. This has shown itself in styles ranging from illustrative indications comparable to Ingres, to contemporary comics and graphic design. As a painter, he has been compared to the likes of Jenny Saville and Lucian Freud.
Throughout this, the artist has maintained the self awareness to allow how he sees people and the world to show through. There are times when his utilization of this strength can be unsettling. Maxwell's personal aesthetic is highly individuated. His sense of beauty carries through all that he does. The same applies to his examinations of the Horse's skull. His ritual shows.

While jeff, simply put...sux. what the fuck is maxwell thinking? off with yr head! did anyone see the sky last night at about 830...rose tint my world.

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