Monday 2 February 2009

boredom.i will speak directly i guess. but it is boring
> same old same old. so i am in this with my young boy's
> tongue just for myself. i admit it. i try to care about other's. but
> i just dont care. i can't. its the only way TO care. if that aint
> ironic.i love you all.
> interpretation is so much fun.internet is fun.
> rather be considered young or naive or even immature, than a
> cynical burn out has-been, working for somebody else(client vs.
> employer?who cares. its money in your account), trying to validate
> today by what i did yesterday(or ten yrs ago?). bag of wind emperical
> knowledge...lets see im sure you have a list of shows. and
> a bio.
> would you actually be able to tell if you saw something happening
> that mattered?
> right now? today. in a gallery? or in public anywhere for that
> matter. nothing on thois list matters if it doesnt go beyond it, so
> cry me a river and keep on typing.
> lets see something. today. beyond a bunch of words. thats what i
> do.i admit it. is it so different at the end of the day?
> considering the goal in this context, in this email, at this time
> on the artnews list, an interest in atlanta's art scene....
> what has been done before?
> what has been done before?
> what has been done before?
> has it worked? either be proud of this city's art scene and defend
> it or no.
> does what i do help...of course not.
> i know this. does the work i show in public help? one person at a
> time it does.
> is the work dynamic? will it go down in history books? hell no. im
> guilty to..i just laugh at myself and WORK.
> i realize what i do is frivolous at times, but it is laced and
> there are those that notice.
> this is the internet. so funny to me.
> but.
> i do go into public.
> i do shows.
> i attend shows.
> i support local artists and art organizations.
> again..i go into public with standing there. i will talk to
> you in the flesh.
> gotta problem?
> so serious we are.
> aren't we.
> we are serious artists. pah haah.
> one second its nothing, the scene is weak, etc...., the next some
> whipper snapper is screwin it up and wasting yr time. sorry to
> intrude on yr cyclic pattern. didnt realize it was working so well.
> by posting stuff on a list.
> by posting stuff on a list serve??? man..this is easy.i have met
> some of you through this, though and i do enjoy the listings of
> events. no personality in posting info. easy enough.
> everybody is in here for their own reason. which in all reality is
> how many people? is there a way somebody can post exactly how many
> people really are on this list...i didnt go to harvard so i isnt that
> smarts and caint figur nuttin out. speshully since i is ignunt an
> from atlanta born an raised.
> hah!
> EGG mother flippin TOOTH

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