Monday 2 February 2009


buncha words:
Eggtooth has no concept.
The work does want to come to you in semi-permeable washes. There are recurring symbols.
They are also dead images. Decorative themes done in a shirtless crude manner.
He is interested in showing paintings that represent thinking too much. or not thinking enough about the right things, and then acting upon something else.
it is an afterthought. of something that happened from surface level absorption. a cursory glance timed for the attention span of a commercial. Instant gratification is his placebo in a dream world. there is no rationale for it.
man i am full of sugar honey ice tea.
my work is very surface level amateurish in some sort of naive way.and no that is not a plug for any particular category grown from the insane branch. the problem is, is that it wants to be something else and it shows in the themes and how it starts off as something. based clearly on something before it and very seen before, and yet has not really a thing to say... and they continue.
they are expressive on some level. to certain people. but mostly they are empty and unconnected to one another and leave me with a blank space.They teeter on the edge of losing any credibility, and in many places, the technique does not offer any quarter.The homemade contaminated damar varnish medium technique offers an innate strange elegance and depth, and sometimes this is intriguing.It is consistant in a certain way that permeates across all of the work.I end up thinking," I am just looking at things". many times, i just skip off the surface. from one painting to the next and then i walk away.other times,some of them are decorative.and on some strange and rare occassion something really good happens. an occurance that a person who was once a close friend told me i could refer to as "luck".
nothing more. but they are my things.
the work is highly derived from munch, van gogh, picasso, cezanne etc....and i guess gerhard richter.

Imagery Glossary:
The tree: usually shown as bare writhing vines. symbolic of individuals and their feelings. also representative of dendrites, phallic symbols, life symbology, religious icons,communication on procreative level, ancient foreign architecture.
The couple: many times these images are constructed from quick sketches that reveal my hidden feelings about relationships.with anyone. the faces and body language are done initially in sketches very quickly. the eyes following. many compositions simply do nothing. but every now and then i find one that is just perfect in the eyes and movement.
The abstractions: composition is elements. color is mood. context in which these are displayed is everything. the right environment just clicks it into place like a plug. it will seem to have always been there. If my objective work is about moments and feelings, these are about the even more everpresent generality of something even more powerful and subtle.
the Pig: me.

You can find my work regularly in places where it belongs. No context is appropriate for it. the raging burrito in decatur has my work.the owners are very cool.the food is very good. There a few pieces at Doppler Studios in midtown. i belong to a collective, mostly because i gave the owner some magnetic material and vinyl .so he did it as a favor. it is the whohadada. i have shown with galleryzero and gallery nomad. i do festivals. i own a 10x10 easy up tent. i have done and do commissions. i have done many group shows in atlanta.i can put paint down but i am doing that as a thing unto itself. I have been painting since 1997 and showing since 99. I have no formal training.
I use coffee shops and restaurants. i take pretty much whatever show walks up to me. i dont have a freakin clue what i am doing and refuse to bring my head out of the clouds. to spite myself. i believe i am something great just because. it is not an original or necessarily honest thing. in fact, it reeks of denial.
Jeff Dahlgren is from decatur, ga.he was raised christian and conservative.he is 33.
This is my lie and i will tell it like i want to. i will accept that they land where they belong and i will utilize many people's time in the process.
he has a website. i do shows regularly and will post them here.I profess to have an interest in reaching what i consider "regular people" and have found that there is a word for what category this relegates me . it is too dirty to repeat here.

i intend to hit eyedrum with a concept or three. The first, will be the first thing i ever do totally for myself. It will be thorough and premeditated and respectful to those who view it. I promise...

jeff d
you can purchase a print of this e-mail on ebay.

m- greenblanky is the website i was telling you about. seem like they are prob. into the fort thunder thing.

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