Monday 2 February 2009


Joy! There's no other city like Atlanta!
Come to Atlanta!
Do you know the history of this Emerald?
This green growing city!
Approach a neighbor today Atlantan!
We want to know you!
You Atlantan you!
You're the Atlanta Individual!
Put on that Atlanta Smile I know so well!
Atlanta sizzles with excitement!
Atlanta is the soil!
Atlanta is the sky!
Atlanta is its history!
Atlanta is tomorrow!
The city filled with pride!
Come to Atlanta!
Eclectic Atlanta!
You'll never want to leave!
Growing Green Atlanta!

I love you Atlanta, my home, my changing face, Our children's future...spreading, spreading Atlanta. you will see what takes root out Atlanta. A vast corner of light for the country, a firey green horizon all the way to its oceanic coast...
These are the times..the blueprint days, the grafting growth of A New Culture...a new producer of families, freedom and expression! Atlanta! Come be part of it!

eggtoofus bean

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