Monday 2 February 2009

maybe we could get Timothy Belt Buckles to hold an auction of some of his shoes. to benefit the loud publicizing of a small cultural institution. how bout' the center for puppetry arts or its neighbor across the street: The Patriotism Hall er ummm nORTH aMERICANvisitor's center,Gallery... thing. or
eyedrum. yeah. that's it. eyedrum. or youngblood....or or ...maybe we should ask slavoj schneider.or nugut philbot. or that old guy that collects ab the flag man. dude can rock. bee tee double you. got the energy of The Boss i tell gonna make the folk art rounds this weekend it looks like.
Hell...lets just open up a store in gwinnett place mall or shoot, lenox... that literally sells Shit. On shelves. piles of it.mounted, splattered. fragrance bottles. shirts."This Poo is on loan from the archives of Bobby Artschlob of Eyedrum"
to hell with 'em...(put art next to restaurants....jeeeezus. am i living in a fargin movie?i can see it, its a lovely night, im slightly buzzed and well dressed with two women and we are laughing.we leave our dining experience in search of culture. not atl culture bee tee double you, to be "cultured"oh look. a hot opening! i know all of you! wow!)
man. how much does one of those mall places cost? im gettin one dammit.

oh yeah... got some dude from alabama that has a color blind rock n roll twin showing @ The EyeDruM.this weekend. same weekend as the Slatan Folk Seance. it's off "indian trail" on oakbrook parkway.eeeesh. metropolitan, delowe, candler, euclid, glenwood...there. i feel better.
ya know...maybe we could have a backroom reading from a children's book as an opening prayer. maybe we could look at each other and say nothing for 60 seconds.
Im not too into ballet. is anyone here into ballet very much? i bet i know a few of you who are. has anyone seen a performance in the concert hall at emory? i'd like to.i think. ive been blaring Grieg's "In the Hall of the Mountain King". man, and i thought stairway to heaven built to an amazing ending.cresecendo? contrapasto or that toool song "pushit". or ken vandermarks "electric bugaloo".scherzando schizo. faaaar out, man.
oh yeah. atlanta art scene:
Opens a snicker and takes a bite.thoughtful expression. "I love it"

but seriously folks. what section of the paper should art happenings be in? what paper should it be in? what do you see happening? like, i mean...if you could have some cuuuuuh raaaazy business happen, and it warranted front page news. what would it be?
Allison Rentz Decapitates John Lowther In Search of his True Defintion of Word: "HATE"
no..too many words.
yeah....bit maudlin, though.
TEWEY DEFEATS schuuuman? aaah. forget it.
if you read this all the get an eggclick.
love eggtoof

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