Monday 2 February 2009


I drive a mini-van. My children are in soccer and football travel leagues.
I need to have a yard sale so i can pay off the Avon lady. My husband doesn't pay any attention to me. shit i want some chocolate. would you guys hold it down? WHAT IS THIS NOISE WE ARE LISTENING TO? i also hear voices.

why are we pulling over, mom?
my soccer ball needs air....
oh did you see that...

i waddle over to an angle iron black framed 18x 24 sign stuck in the ground at the entrance to a neighborhood. it happily reads:
CONGRATULATIONS CINDY! GRADUATING CLASS OF 2005 purple block type face on an curve.yellow corrogated fluted plastic.
for half a sec, i think "who the "f" is Cindy?"quick look around, no one sees me and a tug. darn thing is stuck.push weight into it a bit, adjust grip and yank. oh its dirty...oh well. the boys have their cleats and pads in the back, it'll just have to add more dirt.... i need to stop by the store for.....

okay people.THE SOCCER MOM.
is she you?
who will the soccer mom confide in?
a list serve?
a television character?
the family dog?
no...she'll take it out on a poor little sign. she'll take it to the sign man, and say..."will you re-letter this for me?" that wont cost much will it(swags her old ring squeezed hand)...when can i have it, can i pay you then?

what a freakin "b" word. a lonely stench of perfume lingers

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