Monday 2 February 2009

who are some of the exceptions, in your honest opinion?
and what traits do they have that make them such?
in fact, you dont even have to name just curious about their traits, if you can generalize these characteristics without having to address specifics.

i have recently decided that work is either decorative or "means something" i a painter.. what's a painting?
brian holcombe once made reference to some of my knock off wanna be cubist stuff as not "relevant to now". i like that phrase.
e.k huckaby once told me that "intentions mean nothing" also a good one.
and lastly, Karin S used to drill me with "you gotta be doing it for yourself"
little cliches, if you want. i know. but hey... doing it for love is all you got anywhere. i mean, you can be miserable if you want, i dont care. I dont believe a person can declare themselves a martyr. perhaps they can be scientific about what they do.
but like pandra has smacked me with "what do you want white boy?" all the same. i got what i got and nobody can take my way, my gig,my technique, my training.can't be taken away from me. if i wanna sell, ill stick with coffee shops and festivals.
hell, ill go so far as to say that if i REALLY wanted to, i could research just about any gallery in this city and take the time to cater to their needs. but i do it from the reverse, starting with me and remembering a point of eating myself sometimes?but...i believe thats the way to be. make undeniable stuff for myself.

i know i dont identify with certain people's WORDS to describe why they do what they do. i look at the work.
sometimes the CONTEXT i receive it in clouds my judgment and makes me a victim of my own judgement. thats me, though. im getting better. greatness can pop up interested in NEW in general. not current issues. i guess to me this topic is more about the human condition.

does GREAT WORK need a scene or a city's sense of self image to perpetuate it?to what extent is the hustle a percentageof its life? opinions? cuz to me that starts to get into the whole veneer of it..the necessity of it and all the things that go with leaving your house with what you do from the get go... is it evil?


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