Monday 2 February 2009


Went to English Avenue Yards last night. I wake up this morning realizing that they are The Enemy. Yes, I am supportive of anyone creating and yes i am supportive of anyone who has an interest in art. But, Good Lord...
Perhaps it is about context, timing and what you show and where and all that.. I am not sure. This is my personal "felt" truth. There Were good things there. I always enjoy what Duane Georges does. If he wants me to do him a favor and stay off his side, Tough Doo Doo Duane. I like your work. I really do.Anyways...The pathetic Quasi Hippy drum circle. What a sack of phony sugar. The Nagle lookin crud, the general appearance and design of the place. Something about it smacked of an association with an image. or an idea. One Loft looked like an entrance to a mall art store for God's sake.I don't give the place long. As real estate, sure, but as a respectable art venue....this type of place is representative of Atlanta's problem. The horse is always being put before the cart. I change my mind, maybe some sick bastard realized what this city is like and the architect at work here is the artist. Who cares what's inside? right? Maybe this place will find gnarly shallow roots in
Atlanta's top soil and spread like freakin kudzu.
There is a certain honesty that I believe can be sensed. Of course opinion and years of observing also factor in, but some things just don't cast a shadow. Places like this are exactly what our city does not need.It is dead weight. I am referring to the dread cry I hear of so many struggling artists. The general disappointment in The Scene. So many references to a preference for the feeling and interests people get in other cities. English Avenue Yards struck me as a location built with the same surface level whimsy of the words and ideas floating in the air over a frou frou outdoor tea party. There's a time and place for it, but G-Darn IT. Get The F Out of our City with it. Take it to Blue Ridge or Roswell, at the very least.. Or better yet, kill yourself. For now. Maybe later I will re-animate you. But for now F-Off. If you've got money and an idea...dam you, do yrself and us a favor and do some research. go to wal-mart and buy a soul before you start laying bricks.Ask a friend
of a friend with taste and a vested interest in our future what to do. you piece of shirt.
Again, I want to emphasize, there were good things there. But the context completely ruined it for those that did have good or even great work. It simply perpetuates the problem. (a five dollar cover???)Anything good was overshadowed by the laughable self serving look at me-ness of it all.
by the way. Look at me. My fingernails are bent back from clawing away.I am bleeding internally. I am from Atlanta and am thankful for Eyedrum. I went there after seeing this shite and felt like i had been given a blood transfusion. The Spelvin Collection was hilarious and great.The singer from Dairy Queen empire was beltin it out.The front corner room had a fascinating depth peception dilemma causing raw scratchy action piece installed. I even enjoyed its meaning as well as how it looked.
oh....God I despise Youngblood, but i would sooner lick their bathroom floor (do they have a bathroom?)than return to English Avenue Yards. Atleast Youngblood is honest . I am thankful for Nancy Solomon, for Brian Holcombe. For Chris Warner...sort of.
I'd like to go on record saying that my work belongs at English Avenue Yards. I suck. I am the enemy. But i know what this city needs and i am working and opening my mouth to hear myself.
so yes..rock on atlanta. go buy something and put it on yr wall.

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