Monday 2 February 2009


THIS IS AN ADVERT. (stay with me folks)

Hey Schmucks.I hate you. i tell yr secrets one person at a time. got some art gossip? got some art that's gonna blow me off my feet?
gotta notion that's just burstin out yr face?

i do.
im freakin great and yr not.
im the atlanta individual.

the blond headed fool that passed yr notes in class
i got some gossip. whos doin who etc...who's hot/ who's not.
i got some half baked notions that expose some rotten attempt at The Truth
with abstract paintings?
heck no. those are "just paintings" they wont hurt ya. or even cause an emotional reaction. i promise. i wouldnt poop you, yr my favorite poop.
im just me. perpetuatin' the Myth
tappin the back end bottom of this listserve with a straw,suckin outloud. im so noisy and rude. a tree falling on my cake.

i hate you. come out and support me.

im figurin im gonna go out to Youngblood at 8 this friday and im gonna hang out for an hour.on the bench. or the beautiful picnic table. i dont even know whats goin on there, but i bet its freakin HIP. probably too hip for me, but not you.
but yeah...that's until 9 for those of you who suck at math. which is probably most of you liberal wackos. until 9 o'clock jerk neck turkey legs. got it? i might do an encore.

got any questions? gossip? smack talk? art talk? new music you wanna be hip and drop ? im down. i wanna hang and tell it how it is.
reckon mandie and maxwell and jenny (she's so freakin Hot!) are invited, but if its just me...screw em. ill read a book. cuz im literate. i even do a reading of "a good man is hard to find" by flannery o connor if so provoked. im the misfit mother f'ers.
yr invited. bring beer if you want.


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